The new design site flat design or material design

Flat design site and material طراحی سایت styles are similar in design to one based on a different basis. One completely new and different way to becoming a fashion and design trends adopted spontaneously, while another is aimed at providing a set of instructions. This description probably somewhat familiar with the contradictions between the two.
But the difference between the two in the design of the site? Is one better than the other? Do you have a particular application? In fact, when you discover the differences between the two designs will be surprised. The differences stem / principles that we decorate them to look and derivatives linked.

Skeuomorphism (Decorative derivatives)
Here is the order of the derivatives for the design of the physical world that are used for identification. And usually have taken the form of online instruments that have been made to resemble real-world variables, such as applications synthesizer (synthesizer) that is built to simulate keyboard.
The problem is that most of them are made on the basis of digital performance Or the performance by the mouse or the touch screen buttons and controls are not due merely to mimic the look and its.

Finally, the design world came to the conclusion that another agent is required to achieve this goal, Something that all the necessary elements for decorating the elimination of duplicate and instead functionality, fast loading times put a priority And efficient content note. So they felt all the elements in the design of digital interface were removed skeuomorphism.

Flat Design

Felt design is the only design in many ways summed up the basics. Felt all options including drop shadow stylistic design, three-dimensional appearance of the slope and texture that it has been removed. And focus entirely on the interaction of icons, typography and color is the focus.
This is one of the first coherent light for digital media. Internet has benefited from excellent media features And its users with just a simple push of a button to optimize results and colorful programs for early detection of objects and icons have been made easier Guided built.
Flat design appearance is in the second position and its focus on efficiency natural raw functionality)) is. Iconography ((iconography simple it does not even need to eliminate some duplicate sites and directly guided visitors through images and colors
This simple iconography and also to speed up the loading of its quality in high or low resolution displays good That is why the result is reliable user experience. Thus things easier for developers and for users
• Advantages

• accept the limitations of screen and work with these restrictions.
• Simple and effective design and remove unnecessary graphic elements and animations and accelerate the load.
• Remove skeuomorphic elements for quick access to content.
• Remove all unnecessary options designed to facilitate and accelerate the design.
• sites designed with Flat design simpler, infinitely adaptable and are reactive.
• Disadvantages
• constraints imposed colors, simple forms and iconography.
• Perhaps no effect and overall site design.
• Lack of complex visual symptoms. Some sites or applications to guide users to complex video signals need to be one of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of flat design.
• Another feature is the simultaneous presence everywhere. It's hard to build a site or app appears completely flat..
• According to available reports its aesthetic to mid-2010 back and if you do not plan for the redesign of your site is dated
Material Design

Flat are designed criticism to date are entered in this design too exaggerated And the removal of all elements skeumorph even extreme elements it is useful. But in many photo editors has been adapted from material design They can be highlighted by shadows, beveled surfaces and animation (animation) resolution and thus our natural ability to establish correlation between the depth and importance, a strong bond is created
Material design for the new set of standards is designed and developed by Google. This type of design features and numerous interesting but perhaps more impressive is its use of the Z axis. In general, little material designed skeuomorphism added to felt design and has created a number of programs at an altitude of two-dimensional design on each float.
Imagine a piece of paper when they can contract or expand, transform, combine or split. Now some of it piled on each other and draw on each of the elements necessary for the design of the site. In short, the material design concept is also described as.
However, all these features in this design in a set of written rules are not written. It's designed to look as a framework for future physics and design pattern. Material Design was created to be just like clock Android Wear global adaptability and meets all screens with The size and form.
Material Design Wear a standard in the design of Android apps is like. But ios still talk about the use of material in there. Some believe that Google should be maintained appearance and some believe that contrasts with the rest of the operating system. But ultimately the decision is yours.

• Three-dimensional arrangement makes it easier to interact with the program. For example, outstanding shadow used to refer to ordering..
. • Conversely, flat design, material design a set of instructions very detailed and specific, and does not leave anything into speculation.
• If you're going for multi-purpose applications such as Android apps or websites designed with materials designed for different types of mobile phones or other devices will have the same experience.
• If you're interested in adding animation to your site or app, allowing you to arrange your material.

• What did you like it or not bond with Google's Material Design. And if you are willing to move away from Google and create a website or an app with a unique identity, you're hard work ahead.
• All systems have the ability to withstand frequent scene. If the solution to improve the efficiency of detection solution be very difficult
• animation or animation makes mobile Battery are depleted faster.
• Forcing developers to adhere to the instructions suppress individual creativity and growth and development of animation slows down more and decorative elements.
Design Felt Material Design pathway is not considered a big distraction, but they are both aesthetically minimal and similar use. User interface material can be considered a distinct user interface flat And while the animations are powered by Material Design deeply admire them just the day program look more friendly. In fact, these two design (material and felt) combined with Each other and benefit from their positive points, for example, you can use material design and a flat site add more pop In my opinion, Felt Web sites are functional. And to sites that are full of complex animations and graphics load faster. And if you do not have an interest in animation and moving images and the efficiency and simplicity of design you felt you'd recommend. But if you like the site was seemly and luxury are certainly material designed for you.

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